Diasboro was created by Werdermouth on 3rd January 2017 as as a place to regroup for the Untypical Boro community after the award winning blog of Anthony Vickers entered a dormant phase in late 2016 and its continued future became uncertain.

Diasboro will attempt to continue where Untypical Boro left off and will encourage thoughtful discussion of all things Boro for the community that has arisen. Thankfully we have among our ranks many well-informed articulate contributors who will help to make sense of what happens on and off the pitch.

Although we may have differing views on how events unfold, we all share the desire for our club to be successful – in short normal genuine football fans. Being independent of Middlesbrough Football Club and local media allow us to give honest forthright opinions and views that readers can rely on as not being unduly influenced or constrained by conflicting interests.

Our only rule is that the discussion should be carried out in a respectful manner and those who wish to comment should try to play the ball and not the man – it’s not wrong to passionately disagree with any point of view but try to avoid personal attacks as it distracts from the point being discussed.